Holy Cross Head Start is a comprehensive school readiness program, helping children and families succeed - from preschool through life. Holy Cross Head Start offers a pre-kindergarten school experience for 3 and 4 year old children, centered on literacy, math and social skills.


Since children learn best through active involvement, Holy Cross Head Start provides an enriched, stimulating, and safe environment that encourages exploration and experimentation. Children are guided to question, hypothesize, problem solve, and express themselves creatively. Teachers at Holy Cross respect and understand the uniqueness of each and every child.


Holy Cross knows the importance in encouraging and promoting healthy habits at a young age. Our curriculum includes programs that educate the entire family on how to be an advocate for their child's health, while encouraging good oral health and healthy eating. Every child must have an annual physical exam to attend Head Start.


We pride ourselves in working closely with our families to prevent childhood obesity by educating them in the importance of choosing healthy meal options and limiting fatty, sugary foods. Children who attend Head Start receive 1/3 to 1/2 of their daily nutritional needs. Meals are served family style, and parents are welcome to join their child for a meal anytime.

Family Involvement

Holy Cross provides linkages with family support services, which helps families develop and reach their goals. Our staff can provide referrals for resources such as food, clothing, shelter, counseling, emergency assistance, and more. Holy Cross Head Start provides workshops and job readiness support, outreach and advocacy. Parent involvement is strongly encouraged within our program. We welcome parents and families to volunteer in our program at any time, and regularly hold fun and educational events for our children and their families to enjoy together. As a Holy Cross parent, your involvement is valued at all times!

Specialty Services

One of our goals at Holy Cross Head Start is to prepare each child and their family for kindergarten. In order to reach that goal, some children and their families may require some extra care and assistance. Holy Cross has a Mental Health and Disabilities component included in our program to ensure the emotional, social, and physical well-being of every child.