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This was a wonderful program for my four year old.  She is a child that seeks knowledge and learning, and she is also an only child so learning early childhood socials skill is important for her.  Her teachers have had such a positive influence in her life. Every day she comes home and tells me of the many things she has learned during the day.  The Family Partner gave me some wonderful ideas to help her. Her teachers have given her a love of learning, and she enjoys school which I hope will continue thoughout her school years.  She has learned both upper and lower case letters, she can write her name and is always trying to write new words. The trips to the library have given her a love for reading, and while I always read to her, she now seems to want to read herself.  I think Holy Cross Head Start has truly given my child the gift of wanting to learn and they have done it with the love and patience that makes her want to go to school every day, as she doesn't want to miss anything.  Thank you for giving my child the gift of learning.

Karen C.